特里 Movie Review


特里 Movie Review

Title: 特里

导演:Azazel Jacobs

撰写者:Patrick DeWitt

演员:雅各布·怀索基(Jacob Wysocki),约翰·C·赖利(John C. Reilly),克里德·布拉顿(Creed Bratton),布里杰·扎迪纳(Bridger Zadina),奥利维亚·克鲁奇亚



We’都读过高中。我们中的一些人看过关于那些日子不好过的电影,并且读过小说“Catcher in the Rye.”我们从媒体上收集到,高中生们陷入了群体:开玩笑,爱因斯坦,辣妹,帅哥。但是没有人愿意听到那些流浪者,无法触及的人,那些没有脑力,运动能力,冷酷或炎热的人,因此遭受人生中最美好时光的苦恼。“Terri”是关于一个病态肥胖的流浪者,而不是对自己的身体问题有所作为,他只是决定接受自己,以致他穿着睡衣去上学,因为他们’re comfortable. He accepts himself. He has given up and no longer tries to gain the acceptance of others. Things change when the vice-principal takes an interest in him, scheduling him and others of that ilk or outright troublemakers for weekly sessions in his small office. The chats that 特里 has with the adult, with this authority figure who, we find out later, has his own vulnerabilities, may not help him in high school or in life, but they make for some intriguing, if slow-moving comedy-drama.

不幸的雌雄同体名字的15岁的标题角色是现实生活中20岁的Jacob Wysocki。这是他的突破性长片,该片有望在将来扮演肥胖男人的角色。步伐很慢,有人会这么乏味地说,但是有收获,而且“Terri”影片将在相信自己可以在高中社会地区做得更好的人群中找到特定的观众,而不论他们的缺陷是由于自己的体重还是某些方面的个性。

Though 特里 in introverted, he takes care of his uncle James (Creed Bratton), after presumably having been dumped into the older man’s care by 特里’s parents. James, for his part, treats the boy well but is even more fragile than 特里, an ailing fellow who takes a pharmacy’s worth of pills with the 15-year-old standing by to make sure he does so. When 特里 has the fortune of making two friends from the school, the pretty Heather (Olivia Crocicchia) and Chad (Bridger Zadina), he becomes happier than he had been for a while, though one wonders whether the brief friendship would carry over into later life, getting 特里 out of his shell. What is left unspoken in the movie is: What is the boy doing to shed that excess weight, which has been not only responsible for his being shunted aside by his classmates but will impinge on his health—if it has not already done so?

While Wysocki is in virtually every frame, far more than the more celebrated actor John C. Reilly in the role of Mr. Fitzgerald, the conferences between the school official and 特里 are the anchor. Reilly, an accomplished comedian who could make people laugh by our simply looking at his expressions, plays vice principal in charge of discipline in a small-town California school. When he interviews a troublemaker, he speaks so loudly that the elderly secretary just aside revels in listening in, putting her ear to the window. This is what keeps her going, or so the vice principal imagines. But he’s all bluff, really, a man who is genuinely interested in the kids who are on the margins, even taking them on trips as when he grabs 特里 and Chad to go to the funeral of the secretary as the woman had no friends or family.

Mr. Fitzgerald is the authority figure I wish I had and maybe you would too. As for 特里, he is at least noticed by a pretty girl, Heather, when Heather is blacklisted by the rest of the kids for performing a small sexual act during a 首页 Economics class. Given the bores that director Azazel Jacobs uses as teacher models—the home ec. woman, the home room teacher, the gym coach who throws 特里 out because the boy would not perform the needed drills—who could blame Heather for looking for a moment of secret fun?


额定R。105分钟。 (c)2011 by Harvey Karten成员:纽约电影评论在线


代理:B +






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